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An Introduction to Layout, Marking & Measuring Tools

Layout, marking and measuring tools are fundamental to the success of any project. The most common problems in carpentry and tiling can be avoided by using the right tools for the job at hand. Kapro's range offers exclusive, breakthrough inventions, innovative features and ergonomic designs that take classic tools to a new level of precision and ease of use. Every tradesperson and DIY'er will need at least some of these in their toolbox.

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352 Combination Square
214 Sure Grip Chalk Line & Line Level
314 Set & Match® Ruler
303 Ceramic Hole Marker

Types of Layout, Marking & Measuring Tools:


Squares & Angles

Squares are designed for marking and checking perfect 90° angles. They include Try & Mitre squares, framing squares, and drywall T-squares which are generally long enough for marking and cutting up to 48" (120cm).

309 Ledgend Try & Mitre Square309 Ledgend™ Square


Framing squares

Framing squares are constructed from steel, with one side narrower than the other. Their most common uses are for building stairs and roof rafter layout, and they usually come with printed conversion and rafter tables on the square itself. Coupled with a pair of stair gauges, this is a perfect tool for repeat marking.

305 Framing Square    302 Stair gauge305 Framing Square with 302 Stair Gauge


Combination squares

Combination squares are classic woodworking and metalworking tools that let you mark and check 45°, as well as 90°. They incorporate an adjustable blade that can be locked into position, either with a traditional screw lock or advanced magnetic locking system (a Kapro patent). This also allows the user to determine relative depth or distance. Typical lengths: 12" (30 cm) and 16" (40cm).

325 Magnetic Lock Combination Square 325 Magnetic Lock Combination Square



T-bevels are designed for marking and transferring a wide range of angles. The adjustable blade can be positioned at any angle between zero and 180°, and then locked in place. For transferring hole positions, Kapro's patented Ceramic Hole Marker has a hole at the end of the blade, and a half-hole at the opposite end for installed fittings.

303 Ceramic Hole Marker 303 Ceramic Hole Marker


Rafter Squares

Rafter Squares are used most commonly in the US, for roof construction layout. They are marked with cutting angles, and usually feature a flat base that holds the tile edge for marking and cutting. They are generally available in two sizes: 7" and 12".

444 Rafter Square 444 Rafter Square


Rulers & Straightedges

These basic tools allow the user to create perfectly straight lines for highly accurate cuts or part placement. Important features include wear-resistant printing and an accurate scale.

312 Cutting Edge Ruler
312 Cutting Edge

Set and Match® Ruler

Kapro's patented Set and Match® Ruler and the Measure Mate are breakthrough products that incorporate sliding markers on a ruler. This allows the user to set the placement of two hole markings at once, then transfer them to the wall or other surface, without needing to take measurements or use a separate level.

The unique design of the Set and Match® Ruler allows for the easy attachment of other accessories, like a laser line, handle, and knife guides. Both of these innovative products are ideal for hanging shelves, cabinets, mirrors and picture frames.

313 Measure Mate 313 Measure Mate

314 Set & Match® Ruler
314 Set & Match Ruler

Measuring Tapes

Every tradesperson needs a tough, reliable measuring tape. Most are spring-loaded so the tape retracts when not in use.

Kapro offers a Framing Tape Measure with an end hook that holds on corners for accurate diagonal measurement. Open reel tapes are designed for distance measuring of up to 150' in Imperial scale, and 50m in metric scale, and come in various lengths. They are open-style for easy wash down, with a marking spike for anchoring outdoors. 608 Framing Tape Measure

608 Framing tape Measure608 Framing Tape Measure

Measuring Wheels

Measuring wheels of various diameters come with telescopic height-adjustable handles, and are used for estimating distances while you walk. Typical wheel diameters: 4" (10cm) for indoor use, 10" (25cm), and 19" (45cm) for outdoor terrain. Most measuring wheels come with gear-driven counters, although digital counters are available.

600 Measuring Wheels600 Measuring Wheels

Chalk Lines

Chalk lines are designed to give a straight line which is marked as a guide for a host of building applications, by snapping the taut line to release the chalk. They are ideal for marking long lines needed for large layout jobs. Most chalk lines have 65'-100' (20m-30m) of string, and are filled with red, white or blue chalk. Blue chalk is recommended for finish work; red lasts longer, and is best for rough framing, cement, and on the ground.

214 Sure Grip Chalk Line & Line Level 214 Sure Grip Chalk Line & Level

An Introduction to
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Layout, Marking & Measuring Tools
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